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Question Issues with updating to 2013 Navi Maps

Hey everyone

around 1-1.5y back I retrofitted my E93 09/2008 on my own. I was quite happy with it, even it I'M still having some problem with it until today.
One of the things is, that I never had the time to get navigation maps on my device, so now, with the 2013 maps being released I ordered the original set of disks from BMW and tried to update the maps (well, load maps on the device at all, as there are no maps right now).
Usually it should be easy. Give it the disk (Europe Premium), it shows if it shall update the maps, enter the code and there you go.

I'm inserting the disk but nothing really happens. I tried copying the disks to USB, no success, burned another set that I got somewhere, tried it, no success.

I know that it reads DVDs as I'm able to insert a Video DVD and can hear the music play, even when I'm not able to see the movie (that's the other pending issue I have).

Does anyone of you have an idea what might be wrong here?
Just a few weeks ago I heard that some retrofit kids sold directly from a dealer in Munich are being disabled without having the chance to reactive it. In another forum I read that this might be possible with aftermarket software (tools32 maybe?)

When I tried to read the VIN out of the CIC. The following happened:

Ediabas version: 7.2.0
Ignition: = OKAY
Reading CAS...
CAS: VIN - P1xxxxx
Setting addresse: = OKAY
Reading CIC...
CIC: VIN - VFxxxxx
Attention! Different VIN codes!
Use CIC one.

Total bytes: 0
Creating file VFxxxxx_001B0001.fsc
Writing file...Ok!

Do I have to recode the car with other settings, as it doesn't seem to get a response from the controlunit?

Thanks a lot