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Originally Posted by venom3469
So I worked with him today and I started asking him questions of what his Roush actually all had done. So this is what he says...It's a 07 stage 2 Roush with a 588 engine swap, (said he did it himself...first red flag this kid can and doesn't change his own oil.) 650 rwhp, says he runs low 8ths and high 7's if he has good tires in the 1/4 mile. I call bullshit I think it's a stage 2 stock Roush. There is no way a Roush mustang with 650 rwhp is running those times in a quarter. He also says he won't race me cuz he doesn't want a ticket. Maybe believable but I'm calling bullshit. We have a good remote straight road that we can put cars at each end for cops and traffic. I know there is an actual 588r create engine made by Roush but it costing 20k and I doubt he has it. Idk I guess I'll never know but he talks a lot of trash and won't back any of it up.
Where's his parachute? Ha