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Macht Schnell Studs: A few questions

Hey guys, i originally posted in the suspension sub but i think Wheel + Tires is a more appropriate section. I have a few questions/comments regarding my Macht Schnell studs which were installed January 2012.

1) For those with experience with these studs, have you experienced rusting, living in a southern state? I live in TX and have noticed at the ends, where the allen wrench would go, are small brown/orange spots that resembled rust.

2) When removing my lug nuts, the threads closes to the hub where the lug nut would tighten, was scratched up and seemed to have rust within the studs. brown/orange "powder" consistency was lined within 3-4 consecutive threads. Could this be a sign of weakening in the studs?

3) When i first installed my studs, i used Loctite, unforuntaely Macht Schnell didnt provide it so i bought it myself. I cant remember which one exactly (it was blue in color), knowing this, how easy would it be to remove/replace the studs? They're not permanent, right?

thanks for any help guys.