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One thing I've learned when it comes to this car bud, is that you get what you pay for. Now I'm no snob when it comes to Mods, if you can do it DIY, and find cheaper alternatives that can do the job then more power to you (and the e9x community if you share it). I think what you have found may work for you since your biggest thing is just replacing the yellow.

Personally for me, my father just picked up a 2012 328i xdrive coupe, and everytime I see the front BRIGHT AS HECK rings, I drool.

Now I know that the Lux H8 wont get me there, but from everything I've read its gonna get me as close as I can get without cracking open the light and changing the internals.

I think we have different goals, and I dont think anything is wrong with yours. Just that I dont think what you're gonna get from those, in my experience from what I've read from hours of searching around this forum, will not get you what it is that I'm looking for.

That being said, give it a shot, its $50, not gonna break the bank. (meaning well below your stated budget) Please let us know how it goes, I'd like to see if I ultimately ended up just throwing away the rest of the money getting the Lux H8's.