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Update: since I'm an obstinate SOB, I took the opportunity of being stuck in traffic trying to get out of DC-land to call Sirius again and harass them. 1st call was as described in OP. 2nd call I actually got to talk to someone who understood what I was trying to get across (hey, let's see if my module works, then you can go into your sales pitch and try to sell me a subscription) but I got put on perma-hold and I hung up after about 10 min. and then called back. 3rd rep was also cool and I got 3 free months out of the deal and my Sirius *is* working, so I got that going for me. (I just saw that the modules just apparently tripled in price from the dealer which leads me to believe that they'll be discontinued soon, so I really just wanted to add it to my car now while I still could find them used and reasonably inexpensively in case I decided at some time in the future that I really wanted it)

I still can't believe that a) they're advertising a "free trial" that apparently isn't happening - yeah, that's going to give potential subscribers an incentive to sign up with you! - and b) that they LOCKED DOWN THE PREVIEW CHANNEL - I mean, that's just dumb. But I guess it wouldn't be the first time that a corporation has made a dumb decisions. (does anyone actually tune to the preview channel and just listen to that? Really? The whole purpose of the preview channel is to allow people to test their equipment before calling Sirius and/or to advertise to people who are checking out the features of their shiny new car.)

gpb: your reasons for having it are pretty much the same as mine; my cell is Sprint who doesn't have high enough speed service to stream music reliably anywhere and I don't like streaming music anyway because I'm usually using my cell to run Trapster while I'm driving so I need those audio alerts. And on the drive from DC to my parents' house, there's not a lot of variety in radio stations for a good distance along that drive - seriously, your options for about an hour and a half or so are religious programming or both kinds of music (country *and* western <G>) and sometimes I'm just sick of the (admittedly vast) selection of music that I have saved on my thumb drive and just want to try to find something different.