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Tire mounting!

Ok so the wheels I have are reverse mount and the dealership I work at has an outdated tire machine and isn't able to do a reserve mount wheel (bc all they do are cheapo domestics )

soo... I am being forced to go to a tire shop like Tires Plus or Tire Discounters to have my winter tires mounted. This worries me a bit because they tend to be a bit careless about other people's wheels/cars. My old roommate used to manage one so I know how they operate.

My question is, should I grab the manager and have him physically walk around my car with me and visually inspect my wheels? I know if they are damaged by them and I have no proof they did it I am SOL. I don't have the most expensive wheels on the planet by any means but there is 0 road rash on them and I'd like to keep it that way.