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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
I see what you are saying about the 359's. That makes sense

Honestly my philosophy has always been to tell the person posting the pictures how I actually feel about their car. Sometimes negative, sometimes positive, but I feel like it gives them an idea on what they can improve on from another persons point of view. Obviously you have much more done to your car than me, and I think everything flows well and looks great. Whenever I post pictures, I'd love for people to comment saying how they really feel, you know? It just helps me gauge if I'm doing it right, in a way
Yup I see what you're saying and it's good to voice your honest opinion whenever someone post what they got out there. People can take it either positive or negative as this is an open forum. Again thanks for acknowledging my mods and I do value everyone's opinion on the direction my car has been. Not really much more I can do but to keep it clean and simple