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Originally Posted by cotmfk View Post
Yes, but I'm back on 189s for winter. I also saw MI6 there on his stockers for winter, as well as a nice E90 and E91. I need to meet the people associated with these cars at some point!
Originally Posted by bigdaddycane View Post
if the E90 was AW, it was mine.
Cotmfk, I saw your car too it seems like you were on your stockers for winter as well. I kinda took my winterized setup to the max with changing front bumpers too lol. Bigdaddycan where were you parked? I didn't see an AW e90... I saw a black one. I was talking to the owner of the E91, and it's so sad to see people don't even know about there own cars. He asked me if I was planning on supercharging my 335 anytime soon, I was just like -_- . Then he was like nvm they stop making those kits for the 335. I was just laughing.... Yes I know he had a n52 328xi but come on supercharge 335