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[quote=Pyccak;13049427][quote=Alen E90;13048038]looks good, i really like your rear-end setup...what exhaust are you running btw-tips look really nice, my only suggestion would be the set of wheels that you stated you are looking for and then after that a drop and your good to go

thanks... It's actually all stock, just swapped the tips for larger ones that can fill up those holes nicely..

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car looks good, a nice set of wheels and drop will really seal the deal. i'm not a fan of black wheels on space gray but hey if you like it then go for it! [/QUOte

thanks man, well the reason I was thinking black is because my trim is gloss black, grills, roof and diffuser, so I though black wheels would complete the look... idk tho
i see what you're saying haha, can't hurt to ask someone on here to do a photoshop for you to see what they look like before you go out and spend the $

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