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1st post...WOOT!...Great Write up! Kudos to you man. Helped doing a cabin filter, plugs, oil and VCG change on the wifes 07 328xi. occasional white smoke on the left side, oil smell in care during warm up, etc..usual suspects. This helped me out alot. had a leak under the Valvtronic motor (changed gasket also)...that VC bolt was covered with oil..would have missed it completely!
Plugs and filter went great, but the VCG failed! whoever did the last VCG change stripped 2 of the 3 bolts in the back(YES PEOPLE SUCK)..Got 2 out (replaced new)...but the 3rd, which is right by the DME box..was too far gone.. tried 3 extractors nothing...2 options left: sockect filled with JB WELD (and hope)...or drop the engine (HA!) put everything back together, tightened all the bolts just a little more...and maybe heading to the dealers soon for a stripped cover bolt removal...