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Finally got the winter wheels on

After a week of driving the car looking like this:.....

....I decided to take it to a local garage this morning to see if they could get the back wheels off, eventually they did and it now looks normal again. I tried and tried last Sunday to get the rears off but couldn't and didn't want to hit the wheel any harder and unsettle my shitty little jack as I was lay under the car. There was no way I was taking the fronts back off just to make it look 'Okay'. I had a headlight bulb fail on the way to the garage so called in at Halfrauds and got two of their "up to 120% brighter" bulbs (BOGOF), I hope they're better than the ones that were in. Can't understand why BMW didn't make it any harder to get to the dipped beam bulb, I had to jack the car up!

I took the carbon splitters off last weekend as well, or should I say one of them took itself off , it's not damaged though. I'm seriously thinking of getting a new bumper (I need one) and having the splitters 'moulded' on and fillered in then all sprayed up space grey . Any thoughts?