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To the OP, I took my 335i to university and I can't say I regret it but it is difficult to take care of... more so due to other people than yourself. I clean it every weekend. But it is much harder to find time during school to clean it; however, virtually every week i manage to find time. You just have to be very careful with where you park and must be willing to walk if necessary to have it in a safe spot. I rarely park between spots. Always try to find an end spot or if its parallel parking then the first or last.

Thats my two cents.

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I had my e36 in college and it was fine. Most people will respect your property but there are people that will get jealous. I remember a local frat took a 300 lbs boulder and hurled it onto the windshield of a parked jag.
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Also, it would suck to have a 335i just to park it at home.
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I think you have to factor in the area and what kinds of cars others are driving at the school you're going to. If it's the kind of school where there are lots of students with nice cars, it's probably no big deal. If you're headed to a school like I went to that's in a small, humble town, and the students all drive pretty modest cars, a nice late-model Bimmer may be a vandalism magnet, especially if you keep it clean and park it out away from other cars to avoid door dings.

Other factors I'd consider would be whether or not there's a BMW dealer or good indy shop who will be able to service the car near where you'll be living, and whether you're okay with it sitting out in the elements all the time, probably only being washed at whatever car washes are available in the area.

If you're unsure about taking the car there, is it an option to go without the car for a while and see (a)if you feel like you even need it there, and (b)whether or not you feel comfortable having it there as you get to know the school, the area, etc.?

+1 to all of these.

I had a modded E92 328xi my freshman/sophomore year when I lived on campus. I went to school in a high-end area of south western Virginia and there were plenty of other nice cars on campus. I worried about the same things, but ended up bringing the car with me.

freshman year I made the mistake of sleeping with a girl who had a boyfriend ( I was unaware), and he (frat bro) ended up keying my car. I made sure to always park under a security camera, and he ended up getting caught, arrested, and expelled. One thing I learned quickly at school: it's hard to hide/disguise a modded BMW from people who want to find it. I was lucky in that I was at a small school, and quickly made friends in many different "groups". Everyone knew my car and luckily I didn't have any other issues. I got rid of that after my sophomore year and got an E90 335. Lived right off campus junior/senior year and had my car parked on the street in front of my house. Only issue I had was a drunk freshman kicking my (folded in) mirror. I was sleeping at my girlfriends place, but luckily my roommates caught him right after he did it. I came back and kicked his "mirror" in...

You always have to worry about people who park like shit, and I saw plenty of people sacrifice door dings for parking spaces closer to school. If you're within walking distance and can find either a safe parking lot or friends to park with, I'd recommend doing that. If not, try to find an end or parallel spot, and don't come to campus last minute looking for parking where you'll be stuck with a sketchy spot. Aside from that, try to make friends with other enthusiasts so your car will be well looked after! would suck having a 335 sitting at home!

I had awful luck with the local dealer down there for warranty work. getting them to approve my HPFP recall work was a nightmare, even after I went in with a list of printed codes the car had active relating directly to the recall campaign. Definitely a consideration to make when trying to decide! Depending on what area you're in and the type of people attending your institution, you may also have to worry about vandalism. I saw a number of nice cars get vandalized during random weekends I spent at Virginia Tech with friends.

good luck!
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