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Originally Posted by mowflow View Post
As of January build F20s will come with DAB, auto lights & wipers and xenons will now be a 500 option rather than only available through the 1140 visibility pack. I'd imagine your car will be built January or after as mine was booked over a week ago and just got in the last December build slot. The base price of the car will however be increasing to reflect the new standard spec.
I've ordered one of these now, will post another thread in good time when everything is confirmed as i'm still querying a couple of VERY minor things, and the colour might still change :P

Went for the jan build date in order to get the DAB and other bits... apparently the large iDrive screen is also now standard? Can anyone confirm this? Xenons are now 590 which is much easier to stomach! I forgot to also add auto lights and wipers, so mowflow, you're sure they are now included as standard? If not i'll ring the dealer and add that no biggie.

Two topics still outstanding:

1. what the hell do I / did I need to add in order to get BMW apps etc.. is the only way to do it if you have a combox i.e. pro navigation?? bloody confusing.. just want to make sure i'm not missing out on the good gadgetry stuff for something that might be like 200 option like enhanced bluetooth, USB stuff etc..

can you play music to the car via Bluetooth by default?

2. I went for estoril blue / black leather... considering switching to mineral grey / red leather... watcha think?

also thought about Valencia orange, but fuck that... I think it'll be a fad.