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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Totally understand where you're coming from. A lot of the ppl here (myself included) are sick of the redundant threads. While none of the tunes require anything but an N54-powered 335, it is completely the owner's own choice what path to take when modifying their car. Here is what I would recommend as far as the mods to make for a strictly-street car:
  1. Tune
  2. Intake
  3. FMIC
  4. DPs
**If the car was going to see a decent amount of track time, an upgraded suspension & LSD would get added to the list.

While none of the tunes require oil coolers or FMICs, they should be added/upgraded if you want consistent & safe performance gains. Like I said, the oil cooler isn't a required part, but there's a reason why after 08 every N54 car received one (and that the 335is & 1M both receive upgraded cooling components) from the factory.

The OP can try moddin the car without adding the oil cooler, but I can't promise if the quality of the oil will be compromised over time & that the car won't go into "Limp Mode" after some aggressive driving.
I may be the minority but I fail to see the big deal with an upgraded FMIC for a DD car... I see it as an important part if you are consistently tracking your car or if you are driving around in hot weather all the time. We are currently approaching winter and for most people this mod will do next to nothing... its a dyno day / track day mod more than a daily driver mod... I would do DPs long before FMIC but that is purely my opinion. I saw the same situation on any other platform I've owned or worked on...