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I bougth my 335d a month ago. Very happy. I mean, extremelly hapy. Car is a beast. One of the last brought into US and produced in Aug2011.
5100mi, cold weather, premium,convenience
deep blue ext/black oyster interior.

I am sure BMW became aware long ago of the issue you guys are reporting on the posts above. Considering the M57 powerplant has been available in Europe since 1998, this engine has certainly gone through multiple cycles of debugging and improvements since then. We should not consider the engine (or the application) to be flawed conceptually on its design. Hardware in Europe is the same as in US. And in Europe the engine is calibrated to generate even more horsepower, 286 vs 265. To say the engine is not demanded on E90 application and this being the cause for the problem is a very grosse especulation. Why the more powerful version of the E9x family in Europe survives w/o carbon build up?

Now in reality, the variable added for our cars is the diesel fuel in North America. And for that BMW was required to develop a specific control module software. This software is different on every application hence issues building on the 335d but not on the X5d in US.

My car is listed for the 'emissions recall' - software upgrade. I am yet to schedule the service but tried to get additional information on exactly what is being addressed by the recall. No information is disclosed by dealers what is unusual. Recalls are public and normally well publicized as required by law when end users are exposed to risks while using the product.

However all indications are that this is what is known as a 'white recall' . And these do not require public disclosure as the end user is not exposed to any risk.

White recalls are 'damage control' measures that a manufacturer executes
to avoid extended maintenance costs and consequent brand image degradation.
This is probably what BMW is doing.

The million dollar question is: whatever changes are done to the 335d sw, do they fix the issue?

As I get additional exposure to this matter , i will post here.