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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
While the stangs are nice track cars, they are heavy, even heavier then the 335. I think they weigh in over 3700 lbs. So looking for 3200 or less as stock weight. If you strip these, you'll be under 3000 lbs. If you strip the stang you'll still be well over 3300 lbs.
The Z06 and ZR1 are beastly. That aside, the 302 is the better track car compared to the regular C6, but with a little tinkering on the suspension setup, you can make the C6 corner on rails. The Cayman S is obviosuly everyones first choice if the budget permits; but for cost of upkeep and upgrades the vette wins hands down.

Ken for the C6 Grand Coupe! Maybe a C7?
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