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Best tune for 335is?

Hello to all 335is owners. I recently traded my 2008 X5 4.8i for 2013 335is and I am loving everything about the car especially mpg.

I have been following this forum for quite sometime but it never explains which tune is the best for 335is. I'm sure personal preference matters but I would like to stick with what other 335is owners have experienced with their tuning.
I would also like to know if you can install/flash on top of another tune. For example, COBB tuning on top of JB4 or vice versa. I'm quite confused because both tunings have similar maps.... I saw a thread about this so I'm really confused...

For those of you who have JB4 or COBB tuning already, what was your gain after installation/flash? Since 335is is already pre-tuned (320hp) stock, are you close to 400hp or above?

As of right now, I have BMS DCI added not too long ago and I plan on getting a DP soon.

Please clear up my confusion and upon finding out which gives me more performance for the bucks, I will make a decision on which tuning I will go with.