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Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
Looks like you found your noise level tolerance, I wonder how it would've sounded with the DA pipes. What pipes are you going to run with later?
I actually dyno'd with the stock exhaust and the Detail addict pipes did have gains in tq and hp over stock. It was negligible though. I figure deleting secondaries on the stock system would get me more gains than the DA setup. For now, I am enjoying the quiet. Once I dyno, these headers and if the power is there I will delete second cats too and if it gets too loud I will throw more resonators on. I like the single side outlet for now. If anything I would just change the oem outlets to fit my m3 rep. Swapping between bumpers is cool for now. A friend at the shop showed me how to uninstall the rear bumper in a flash so it's like switching underwear now.