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Get the V1! I currently use the V1 right now and it's been my 4th radar detector, and it saved me countless times. I commute from SD to SF all the time, and I love it. I now know which city has most CHP's and where I can/can't speed. Like some of the guys said, you can turn off K/X band, that will eliminate false signals. There are a couple spots I know that doesn't have cops, but my radar goes off for laser. But still, I rather have it go off for a false laser than not having it go off at all. You can't always rely on the radar either, you still have to watch out! Watch video's to help guide you through turning the K/X band off if you still don't understand. My buddy has a Escort Passport I believe a 8000 series. It's good too, hands down, but no arrows. It also does detect false signals like the V1. Same spot too and we both commute from SD to SF. (We drove two cars and tested both radars)