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Originally Posted by Jules59 View Post
in reality you have to put the bolts back in as you dont know that the wheel wont come off until youve already taken them out.
You should know before then as you always crack each bolt half a turn first with the car on the ground, that's basic stuff.

Then as soon as you jack it up, a quick rock of the wheel will let you know if its going to drop off easily. If it's a good one it will already be wobbling on the hub.

If not, then put the car on fully back the ground and if that doesn't shift it then drive it forwards, over a curb, or do a 3 point turn if necessary.

The 1/2 turn loose bolts are more than capable of the job, these low speed forces are tiny compared to even regular high speed forces, a 'clunk' will let you know the wheel is free.

Hitting the the wheels with lumps of wood etc is dangerous and may lead to damage (to you or the car)

Let the car's weight do the work for you.

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