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Always always always tighten the lugs or wheel studs with a torque wrench to manufacturer specs and in the pattern they suggest. The pattern typically crisscrosses the wheel in a star figure.You can warp the rotor very easily by not doing this properly. I hate to say it but a lot of dealers and shops just plain old don't care.There are air wrenches that can be set to a torque spec , but that should never be used as a final tightening tool, only to make sure you don't over tighten the studs. Its laziness really because going down through a set of wheels with a torque wrench takes about 5 minutes to go around the whole car once the wheels are on.....My family has owned a heavy equipment sales and service shop for over 30yrs. the HUGE sprockets that drive the tracks on a bulldozer call for torque specs. There are about 50 bolts that need to be torqued to about 300 pounds and then another quarter turn. We do it because that's what it calls for, but I've seen plenty of shop that don't..laziness

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