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Originally Posted by BGM View Post
I've ordered one of these now, will post another thread in good time when everything is confirmed as i'm still querying a couple of VERY minor things, and the colour might still change :P

Went for the jan build date in order to get the DAB and other bits... apparently the large iDrive screen is also now standard? Can anyone confirm this? Xenons are now 590 which is much easier to stomach! I forgot to also add auto lights and wipers, so mowflow, you're sure they are now included as standard? If not i'll ring the dealer and add that no biggie.

Two topics still outstanding:

1. what the hell do I / did I need to add in order to get BMW apps etc.. is the only way to do it if you have a combox i.e. pro navigation?? bloody confusing.. just want to make sure i'm not missing out on the good gadgetry stuff for something that might be like 200 option like enhanced bluetooth, USB stuff etc..

can you play music to the car via Bluetooth by default?

2. I went for estoril blue / black leather... considering switching to mineral grey / red leather... watcha think?

also thought about Valencia orange, but fuck that... I think it'll be a fad.

Good stuff :thump:

I can't confirm that the auto light/wipers will be standard after january. To be honest it doesn't seem that anyone can confirm anything for after January.

So many people seem to be saying different things are available according to different dealers and nobody is clear on any price changes or changes to the APR.

I would be surprised if the bigger iDrive screen is now standard. I think that only comes with the professional nav option at the moment which is nearly 2k.

With regards to colour. I really wanted estoril but I got a bit put off when I saw just how many estoril cars were being ordered by members on babybmw. The AUC site is also mostly estoril if you search for F20 Msports. It's a great colour so i can see why but I would imagine that in a year or so every second F20/F30 you pass will be estoril.

I'm also fed up with black/dark interiors so went for red leather which seriously limits the already limited exterior colour choice. Black is a no and my last car was grey. Grey and red will look good though and is pretty unique.

Oh yeah, regarding the apps etc. I tried asking a few people/places about this and the info is patchy.

BMW Live. This gives you weather info and crap like that. The ones that have it say it's pointless.
Mobile applications. I never did get to the bottom of this
Mobile internet. Does what it says on the tin. Only works when not moving and needs a phone I believe
Extended bluetooth. You need this to stream music from your phone. The as standard bluetooth does calls only.

It seems that most of the M135i owners have that connected drive thing where you can make your car do stuff using your phone. I'm not sure if it's BMW assist, Mobile applications, The top banana nav/media package that's required for this or a combination of this. Nobody could confirm.

To be honest with you the feature seems a bit useless at the moment. It allows you to unlock the car, flash the lights, locate the car on a GPS (supposedly only up to a few Km) and precondition which means switch the fans on. All pretty useless really. Precondition doesn't heat the car or anything useful.

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