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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
Bad luck mate.

That list of parts is outrageous, just goes to show show accident repairs is a money-go-round of firms shafting insurers, just means we all pay in the end.

With all their scaremongering about 'safety' and 'ooh what about the children' when really that knock is just superficial / cosmetic.

Probably under a grand from a good, honest repairers.

Re the darklines, they're a modification, so most insurers won't pay for that, you'll get a standard one unless you argue the toss (provided you declared it )
I did indeed declare the Darklines to my insurer, and it was a ballache to do so because I may as well have tried explaining what they were to a Labrador puppy.

I hope you're right re. cosmetic damage, to be honest I do worry about that, and I'm struggling to think of this car, when repaired, being anywhere like the same vehicle. I'm hugely p1ssed off that this time last week I had a perfect car and now I will have a rear-ender.