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Originally Posted by samchoi604 View Post
wow you save like 2lbs? That's a negligible amount relative to the total weight car. If you want weight reduction, sell your 335xi and get a 335i. Then rip out the interior, passenger seats, insulation, cats, replace hood and trunk with carbon fiber counterparts, and replace driver seat with racing seat. Then, you have my permission to get a light weight battery.
saving close to 40 lbs which would be the same as a race seat savings and the total combination of both cf hood and trunk.. in terms of 50/50 the front on xi is I believe 53% of weight and 47% in rear.. the xi sucks weight wise it was impossible to find a aw/cr 335i fully loaded with under 40k miles for the price I wanted and never been modified or in an accident and properly taken care of.. I am not looking to go all out reducing weight and being a race car im happy with a comfortable fast car I am just looking ta the savings of $250 from oem battery and the 40lbs.. take the savings where I can and since a battery is needed why not.. I am still undecided but I will keep you guys up to date.. as far as I am aware some people have run these and they have lasted for 4-5 years never a problem and never having to be coded with the car!
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