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Originally Posted by phil200tdi View Post
If they don't currently leak then no advantage..

Some like the noise, not me personally.
Cheers Phil

Originally Posted by sixpot View Post
Are you running on Run flat tyres still?
I found these very skittish and slippery until I fitted normal tyres!
also check the tyre tread depth, they may be past their best?
Yep still on RFTs. The treads arent too bad at the mo

Originally Posted by nicktyler View Post
You are going to have serious problems getting the power down at WOT in the low gears. That is why the traction control was messing you about. LSD would make a massive difference as would sticky tyres also waiting for summer will help.
The biggest difference will come form practice at being very quick and accurate with your right foot!
Cheers Nick, LSD sounds like an option. Who does them?

Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
LOL, you do realise the throttle has more than two positions? ON or OFF?

I have the LSD and good non-rfts and in the wet mine still spins - but both wheels - in 1st, 2nd (and 3rd quite often)

1st is a waste of time in the dry too, 2nd is struggling, god knows when I get the meth kit on!

You can't overcome the laws of physics i'm afraid....
Doughboy, What are these other positions you speak of??? What make are your tyres? And how much more mental will the 335i be with the meth kit?