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I already have 4 points on my licence due to an asshole cop that gave me ticket for tint and follow to close on the LIE friday around 5-6PM...
i did my defensive driving course so on my licence i have 1 and my insurance still4.
good thing is that the car is registered on my wife


Originally Posted by PR3CI5N View Post
Do a "Trial by Written Declaration". I've gotten my last 2 out of 3 speeding tickets dismissed like they never happened

You turn in a copy explaining to the judge that you weren't breaking the law. The cop is supposed to turn in a copy as well explaining his side of the story but great thing is, is that if the cop doesn't submit his statement within a given period of time (month or two), your ticket automatically get dismissed! FYI: you have to pay the full ticket amount when submitting your declaration but if the ticket gets dismissed, you'll receive a check with your full amount shortly after you receive word you're not quilty.

Or since it sounds like[b] the cop let you off easy, maybe just pay it and move on..[/b}.
yes the cop was really nice... hopefully he don't change his mind next time if he catch some speeding BMW drivers and give a speeding ticket because an asshole (me) was trying to explain to the judge that he weren't breaking the law ( DRIVING 88 mph...)
I assume... even if i think driving at 88mph is safe in a bmw at 3am...