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Best winter tires for stock 17" rims?

In the next week or two, I'm planning on replacing the abysmal ContiProContact AS RFTs on my 335d with snow tires, on the stock 17x8" turbine rims (type 284, I think). In the spring, I'll grab a new set of wheels and put summer tires on them. My question is, what's the best bet for this? I'm assuming I'll stick with the stock 225/45/17, rather than downsize to 205/50/17, given that 225 is already a little iffy with 425lbft of torque on tap, even for dry roads.

I'll most likely want to buy at Costco (and the selection in-club differs from what's shown on, but will go elsewhere if there's a clear standout that they don't offer/can't get. So what winter 17s can you guys recommend?