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Originally Posted by Donbona View Post
Could be, I had a similar situation a few years back in Vegas.... it was a bit more obvious.... It was around 3am.. I was waiting for the tram that runs to Mandalay Bay which is the hotel I was staying at.... 2 girls roll up to me and start talking to me... telling me all the usual BS and that they would like to join me for the evening.....when the other grabs my wrist and says "nice watch" I knew right then and there that these girls probably wanted to take me back to my room and rob me. I managed to bullshit my way out of it. So I understad what the OP is saying.... if something doesnt feel right in your gut then its usually right.... even though your dick says otherwise!
Originally Posted by Ammonia View Post
Had something similar happen at the local Barnes and Noble. Was looking at some f*cking warhammer 40k novels of all things (real girl-getters) and a cute mixed girl started talking to me, eventually leading to asking me for lunch. My wife came back from the girly book section and I told her that the nice girl wanted to take me out to lunch, but its okay because it doesn't mean anything.
Yea I was the only one who laughed but it was worth it.
Had something similar happen as well when i was in Vegas. It was obvious that these two girls were out trying to work someone out of their wallet. I was there for the weekend and didn't bring hardly anything with me. They bought me a couple of drinks all the while talking all this kinky shit. Bout an hour goes by and i'm like so are we going to go back to my room and fuck or what? They were both game so we went up there. One starts stripping down while the other one was "in the bathroom", obviously looking for valuables. You could see that after 5 minutes and getting down bra and panties she looked a little panicked and called for the other girl. Other girl comes out of the bathroom and started stripping while the other one continued the search. This one gets down to just panties and the other girl comes back out. At this point i'm acting drunk (i'm not) and getting my hands all over them. I figured any minute now they would haul ass seeing that anything of value i had was put into the safe before i left that night. To my surprise, both chicks get butt naked and they start going at it with each other. The second stripper girl stops, grabs her purse off the night table and pulls out a condom. She throws me the purse trying to be all tough and sexy while she motions for me to "come here" with the condom. As i put her purse down i notice a small caliber handgun in it. Being that i'm drunk, i stumbled and was able to get the handgun out and slide it between the box spring and mattress as i'm standing up. I get up next to her on the bed and she puts the condom on my junk and gives me her ass doggie style as she goes back down on the other girl. You don't have to ask me twice. Pounding that ass for a bit and figured why not get some of the other chick. The purse girl was willing to trade off but the other chick seemed timid. While crawling across the bed to stick it in the other girl the purse girl is franticly going through here purse. I ask her what the problem is and she said she lost something. At that time i had my hand on her pistol and whipped it out asking her if that's what she was looking for?!?! The look on their faces was priceless. I just wish i could have seen the look on their faces as i backdoored the both of them at gun point. After blowing my wad on the purse girl's face i kicked them both out of my room fully naked, only shoes. Took nearly $500 out of the other girls purse and found another $1200 in the purse girl's bra just before i dropped all their crap in a dumpster at the construction site near the hotel. Wiped down the pistol and buried it in the bottom of the ice maker on another floor. If you're wondering, yes; this is a complete fabrication. It also stands as an example of what the OP needs to write rather than, "seemed weird so i gunned it...."

Got it OP, make something up that is more interesting to read than you bailing on what could have been the greatest night of your life.
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