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Originally Posted by orb2k View Post
I'll buy a set
I will add your name to the list

Originally Posted by blue dragon View Post
Can you post a picture of the actual kit.
Will add it in to my first post

Originally Posted by eriktufa View Post
Interested, please pm me if this fits e92 335i. I am in Australia.
These will fit your e92. Please let me know if you would like to join the group buy

Originally Posted by FirstAid View Post
ill get a set too
added to the list

Originally Posted by project335i View Post
You know I am in brother but I will pick up and pay local

I actually prefer to have it all done in this group buy and you can pick it up locally

Originally Posted by BMWWW View Post
Do these maintain intensity from angles that aren't dead-on from the front?

I'm local as well, and would be able to drop by and check them out in person for an e90.
Yes, these still maintain the white look, but a bit dimmer if you are viewing it from the side. Just like any other angel eyes on the market right now, except for replacement rings. Also, I no longer have any test sets left.

Originally Posted by mump View Post
Off topic but that light on in the last pic, 1st post - what size is it and what is it called? I hate mine and want to change it to match my 6k in my lows/fogs.
That light is actually not on. It is just from the angel eyes that makes it look like they're on. It makes it look bright because of the crappy picture from the iphone.

Originally Posted by Yankees 2010 View Post
Anyone have a picture of these vs LUX vs the E90 2011-2012 LEDs?
I can't post how they compare to other companies here, but I can tell you they are very evenly matched. Here is a thread on one of my friend's selling his brand name angel eyes when he switched/tested mine.

I believe that the E90 of 2011-2012 still uses the same type of lights so it will look exactly the same. If you want a comparison between the e92/93 LCI angel eyes, I will try to get some comparison photos of my lights and the LCI angel eyes side by side. The thing is, you really can't compare to the LCI angel eyes because they are seriously crazy bright and there isn't a single bulb replacement type angel eye that can match the LCI's brightness