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Originally Posted by elester12
I'm not trying to start an argument but I don't agree with the flooring part. I'm on my third head replacement and I floor my 335D all the time. Wouldn't the lower cetane cause more carbon to build up? I understand the EGR closes at WOT but lets be realistic you are not driving WOT all the time.

My wife drives the x5D and it has had NO issues. She drives normal.

Unless there's a solution to this issue I will be selling this car in the next few months. I would be willing to keep this car if there was a service manual available showing how to take the damn thing apart. I talked to bentley and they have no plans on writing up anything for the N57.
JBD it!
It Will help in some way by increasing fuel therefore putting more loads !
As for low cetane fuel! I just bought a stage 3 snow performance that I will mix 50/50 and bought a secondary 5 micron fuel filter with a built in water separator and a heater too !
I will add a secondary oil filter 1 micron as well too!