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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
I said it because the opportunity is bizarre. For example, most employers that cover education expenses will only (in my experience) be willing to pay for a degree that you can directly show will benefit your position and the company, and thus increase your worth to the employer as a whole.

An opportunity that is based on you having "any" degree without any regard doesn't make sense.

In that case, why not do a BS online degree that has the shortest time of completion, but still gets you a degree - I mean, if it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, right?
Actually, it makes sense if you are in the military.

Sort of. Ok, in the real world, it doesn't make sense, but in the military, I strongly suspect they just want you to have a BA. Not too particular in what. And they would fund his education...I suspect military.

In any event Donovan - I would choose something that isn't necessarily the shortest, but is of the most interest to you. Because whatever you are doing now, you probably won't be doing it for a lifetime (irregardless of how you feel now) and you want something that can put you ahead later on AND something you enjoy.

I wouldn't think an arts degree would be terribly useful though for someone who suggested that. Pretty much anything else on the list though...