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Originally Posted by gpb View Post
Ha, I see you're in Syracuse. Brings back memories; I spent much of my life in the Finger Lakes region.

Good clarification. Indeed, you're stretching the bolt, effectively putting tension on the threads and sort of "locking" the bolt in place. (gross generalization alert for increasing static friction by pulling the thread surfaces together) Many times the torque spec has a lot of wiggle room, so adding a compound may not have a true effect.

Funny you mention old habits and times changing. I always used Never-Seez on wheel studs and "torqued" wheel bolts by feel back 25+ years ago. Never had a problem, and never had to pull out a torch to get a wheel nut to let go either. Over time I've changed habits and techniques, though I admit I still just go by feel on a lot of stuff. Not exactly practicing what I preach, but I grew up with a dad who rebuilt cars for a hobby I try to be conservative in anything I write here; no telling what level of expertise the reader has. Someone experienced like you are, who pays close attention to things, is a lot different from the fellow (or lady) who has Google whether it's clockwise to tighten or the other way around.
Ah , so you know lake effect snow Some people have no clue what its like to be surrounded by water in the winter, things change fast.Funny you mentioned torquing by "feel".Since I grew up in a shop surrounded by tools I got so I could pretty give a 100 ft lbs be "feel" on our lite duty trucks. Then I'd break out the torque wrench to be sure.Sometimes I'm amazed at how little people actually know about their cars( & thats not a slam to those people) , but then I snap back into reality and realize not very many people grew up with the access to the tools I'm used to.Like you I was taught by my dad to tear into things. I will say tearing apart a D9 dozer and transmission is a little different from pulling an engine out of a car. Besides the huge equipment to do it , in truth, rebuilding them is probably less smog equipment