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I've used a torque wrench for over 10 years, never giving it any thought. One weekend I loaned my tools out, and figured I'll just tighten the nuts when I get my wrench back. Wouldn't you know 2 days later the car began shaking--at 15-25 mph.

It's really important to retighten with aluminum rims. I find it takes 3X.

p.s. although I use anti-seize on the hubs, I would NEVER use it on the nuts. Nothing like invalidating the use of a torque wrench.

I thought all BMW dealerships hand torqued the lug bolts, but I may be wrong. Perhaps non-dealers use the impact wrench and overtighten, because as I said, it seems to take 3X of retightening to get it right. If they simply do 120 lbs. ft., it'll probably stay overtightened.