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Originally Posted by Zebra99 View Post
Hey Folks,

Just wanna give a special thanks to all those parties involved in helping me make my decision (Jeff, Ivo, Dzenno) in buying a Spec Stage 2+ clutch kit. They put up with my compulsive need to ask questions and get as much info as possible considering the many mixed reviews I read on Spec. They also steered me in the right direction in terms of my goals, which this clutch seemed to fit the profile best; price was also a factor. Once it's shipped and brought back over here I'll be getting it installed with my machined DMFW.

My goals were to have a clutch to replace OEM (mine is slipping) and prepare care for sale, but at the same time to prepare for the possibility that I get indecisive and decide to be greedy and keep the car lol.
-it had to be DD friendly and drive like a normal clutch (as much as possible)
-hold potential 600-700hp for any future goals should i keep that car
-as little chatter as possible; it's an E93 and I hate excessive noises on a DD
-grab aggressively for my 4-5x/yr of 1/4 mile use so I can get into the 12's on FBO lol

For now, I'm looking for a bit more info. to prepare for install so it goes as smooth as possible without bugging these guys anymore
-are there any extras that come in the kit for the install; if not,
-what are the extras that I need to buy?

For example, I heard that people go out and buy OEM release bearing, tranny bolts, clutch bolts and a bunch of other little things that are apparently not in the kit. Should I change out the tranny fluid as well?

I'd appreciate if some of the experts could chime in on what other parts I need necessary to make this install go off without a hitch!
-please list part names and stock#'s if possible


OKay... so I just Bought this clutch (paired to my stock fly-wheel) and its been on for about 3 weeks now: 2 week = break-in (~600 miles) and 1 week = Single turbo with 650rwhp (~850miles), I drove it to FixxFest in Tampa, FL and back. I have got to tell you if feels SUPER Smooth, the engagement is smooth (no chatter), pedal pressure is almost identical to stock (i wish it was slightly stiffer :-/).
*The Spec Stage2+ Kit comes with an OE Throw-out Bearing, Pilot Bearing and a Clutch Alignment tool!

I would definitely:
-Pair it with the OEM DMFW if you don't want chatter.
-Purchase new Tranny bolts from BMW, they are one time use Aluminum stretch bolts.
-Purchase BMS Modified BMW Clutch Valve
-Purchase BMS Short Throw Clutch Stop

Good luck with it!
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