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Originally Posted by ONE-77 View Post
A parking violation for $15 that ignored for a couple of months then lived away from home for a couple more months is now coming to hunt me. They send it to collection??!!

What the hell does that mean. It's only a damn $40 now. They told me in the letter dated 11/9 that if i responded promptly its not gonna be posted on my credit.

I just checked my mail today and I received it and paid the damn thing.

Is that going to be actually posted on my credit history or affect it in any way?

the only hit on my credit is/was a collection for property tax for a boat I owned. The tax bill got sent to the storage facility (for the record, I gave them the correct mailing address and the correct storage address, and a phone number, which they called when it went to collection, and I paid it on the day I was made aware of it)

it was a small amount if money, and as long as it is the only hit on your credit it shouldn't be a big deal (I have not had any trouble due to my ding, refinancing and buying a second home) especially with all the foreclosures going on, the bar is being lowered