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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
I've used a torque wrench for over 10 years, never giving it any thought. One weekend I loaned my tools out, and figured I'll just tighten the nuts when I get my wrench back. Wouldn't you know 2 days later the car began shaking--at 15-25 mph.

It's really important to retighten with aluminum rims. I find it takes 3X.

p.s. although I use anti-seize on the hubs, I would NEVER use it on the nuts. Nothing like invalidating the use of a torque wrench.

I thought all BMW dealerships hand torqued the lug bolts, but I may be wrong. Perhaps non-dealers use the impact wrench and overtighten, because as I said, it seems to take 3X of retightening to get it right. If they simply do 120 lbs. ft., it'll probably stay overtightened.

Yes on the never seize around the hub. Nothing like beating the hell out of a rim and tire to try to get it off the vehicle. But I think you have to consider how the never seize is used as a factor. I was always taught an extremely light coat on lugs . So light so it wouldn't come up through the lug once it was tightened down . The difference on the actual torque would be negligible .Remember too the torque specs are based off of a new clean nut or stud. I'm betting very few people actually wire wheel the studs or chase the lug nut threads with a tap and clover to clean them up.As I posted before, I have 25+ yrs as a professional mechanic. There was a time when never seize was always used.I've never had one wheel ever come loose off the 1st torque ,aluminum or steel, or warped a rotor and I personally do all our brakes. Large and small vehicles.This is all while using never seize. Now it seems nobody can decide that if the torque is affected , by how much? As I said before if BMW says don't use it , then don't use it. But if you end up being 3lbs off, that can be equal to the inaccuracies in the wrench itself...and no I don't don't have Harbor Freight specials. Most of my tools are Snap ons.We have torque wrenches that are small and one that is about 4' long for big work

Well I guess this kinda proves what I was getting at about the application of never seize.

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