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Originally Posted by pavo335 View Post
why are you making this more complicated than it needs to be? a simple setup of always the most reliable. put a tank in the truck and locate the pump in the trunk also, there are plenty of places to put a pump in the trunk.

Originally Posted by tinnsoldaten View Post
Why is it so hard to understand what I am writing ?

I say I only go this way for stealth look. In my trunk there in not any place to hide the pump , not if I want to use the space in center for a tank.

And in regards to reliability , you dont have any less with this unless you use some crappy parts in the install.
You are in effect now doubling the required tanks and pumps for this, therefore 'over complicating' it.

Your setup has also not been tested for flow rates which is critical to meth setups, and adding an extra potential 'fail point' with the added pump and tank.

I would simply look for someplace under the car, or behind the rear bumper (which some forum members have found) to locate the pump, and simply protecting the pump with a custom enclosure.. Much easier, using the same concept and not reinventing the wheel... rather relocating the pump.