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If there is a point in the trunk , I would use that , I dont argue that.

But IF , this was not possible then I would go the way I stated before.

Anyhow... in my case I am most likely to end up with the pump in center and tank on LH side of trunk.

Stealth is not that important to me ... I was just trying do add some ideas ...

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You are in effect now doubling the required tanks and pumps for this, therefore 'over complicating' it.

Your setup has also not been tested for flow rates which is critical to meth setups, and adding an extra potential 'fail point' with the added pump and tank.

I would simply look for someplace under the car, or behind the rear bumper (which some forum members have found) to locate the pump, and simply protecting the pump with a custom enclosure.. Much easier, using the same concept and not reinventing the wheel... rather relocating the pump.
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