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Originally Posted by Braumin View Post
AWD doesn't help you turn or stop, so I would (and did) put snow tires on. It was a big big difference in traction. In fact AWD makes steering even worse I found over my RWD BMW I used to have. You get a lot more push in the front end in the snow.

Maybe people used to drive without them, but people also used to put their kids in the back of the station wagon with no seatbelts. Times have changed. People these days drive like idiots. If I a set of snow tires will allow me to avoid on of them, it was money well spent.
So basically it will definitely help to put snow tires on in addition to having a AWD drive car. If its not going to hurt me then maybe i should take a shot at it. I just didn't want to assume that having a AWD car was going to completely make my driving drastically better opposed to having a RWD car in the snow.