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Originally Posted by SIKH335 View Post
"Shady" cause they are making you buy one. Come on back off we spent the money not you, and will provide innovation and updates as available

How is something Shady if the mass public has nothing invested. It's not shady it's simply in a state of pause for a transmission solution. Why hate on this product when HPF has not provided a single third party dyno or run on their single. Because its selective hating. No offense HPF keep working.

I'm simply saying back off period. I have more money and skin in this game than most and would like the time to resolve my Trans bull before people keep talking trash.
You need to get into the TCU. Unfortunately, nobody credible has anything yet. I've been saying this even before the single turbo was released. I am one of the "lucky" ones that hasn't crapped out in 5th, but then again I'm "only" on RB turbos. An aux tranny cooler may help subside your issues, but that's beyond what I'm willing to do. Best of luck getting that resolved.
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