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Help me locate the fuse for passenger side mirror (2006 325i)

Hi guys, Im new for this forum. I just bought a 2006 BMW 325i. Its a very nice car, but there are a few problem with it so please help me solve the problem.

The passenger side mirror is always fold outward when I lock/unlock the car with my keyless remote. I search and found that is a common problem for this 2006 BMW. There are someone show how to reset the side folding mirror. I tried that already but the problem is still there. So I want to get rid of the folding function of those automatically side mirror. I think if I take out the fuse that power the side mirror, then the mirror will be disable the folding function, right? However problem is I dont know where is that fuse located.

Here is the diagram of my 2006 325i fuse. ( I copy the diagram from this forum, so thankful to the poster)

Can you please tell me which are the fuses for 2 side mirrors?
Are they fuses 21 and 27?

Thank you guys for reading this