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Help with choosing sping rates, *stance look*

So I'm selling my KW v2's soon as they just dont go low enough for what I want. I'm planning on picking up BC extreme drop coils from flushstance.

they have 3 different spring rates to choose from
My choice for the extreme drop bc's are:


What im not sure of if what rate to choose, I've been in 2 different cars with 400/800 swift springs and I like the ride on the street with those rates and wouldnt mind going a bit harder. What I want to do is run flush fitment up front and either tuck my 18's in the rear or run them flush not totally sure yet.

Current wheel specs:
BBS Style 5's
18 x 8 et20 - 225/40
18 x 9 et22 - 245/40

what I plan on doing when i get the BC's is getting 215/35 for the front, because as it is right now I'm maxed on front camber and i cant go any lower without my tires rubbing on the fenders when the wheels are turned.

For the rears, I plan to swap out for a 225/40 (my old fronts) or I might just go with a 215/35 all around.

Fenders are rolled front a rear, not pulled though. I have access to a roller so any additional rolling I need can be done for free.

So what do you guys think about the optional rates I have to choose from.
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