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Originally Posted by benzy89
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Like I was saying, they both have their benefits. You will want both to get the most out of the car. The piggy is still a better starter tune due to autotuning, nls, gauges, meth, cost, etc. The flash really excels at cleaning up fueling and the calculations the ecu is better at handling such as timing. Before large turbos or over 50% E85 you will typically see the piggy make more power with less drivability. Considering you can stack these two, I haven't seen a legit reason why it makes sense to force yourself into choosing one or the other. You really should have both.
Not only is unnecessary, but it's unwise to stack tunes. Why have something that one tune can completely do on its own? I will agree that a tune only car that a piggy will probably be more beneficial (lower initial investment, simply adding boost at that level); BUT the minute you start adding an FMIC or DPs, a flash tune is clearly the superior (and safer) tuning option.
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