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Originally Posted by HughiusMaximus View Post
How's it going guys?

Tempted by the Z4 M Roadster, they are starting to pop up on auto trader for around 11k now, and from what I have read its an awful lot of car for the money!

What are the thoughts of the people who have had them?
Is the M model worth the extra cash over the standard 3 litre?
Wouldn't be using it as the daily driver, just as a weekend thrill machine so less concerned about running costs, more about depreciation....

Any input welcome!
I had a 2003 3.0i and a 2008 Z4M. The M is the best choice for a weekend car. Both cars have harsh suspension and the M is a bit firmer but doesn't have RFTs either.

There is little price differential between the later 3.0si and M cars; go for the M. As a daily I would probably pick the 3.0si, 40mpg on a motorway run...out on hoon though the M is very quick and of course has the diff.

I reckon the M will depreciate much less. You could pick up a Sepang for a good price back when I had one but I think fashions have changed a little since.

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