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Originally Posted by Hooy View Post
haha the owners of the shop that do my AA tuning are Lebanese as well. What are you guys doing that's different from AA?
Well I guess we Lebanese sure know our cars! We just posted this on another thread I thought you should see it, it's the Active Autowerke thread in which the 330i conversion ran at 210 hp:

210 hp from an 330i ? That seems a bit low. On an stock e46 330i ATM Dyno was able to squeeze 225 hp at the wheel and 260 hp at the engine. We would do much more than 210 hp on an e90!! We are doing the 325i to 330i conversion this week and will post the results along with our e46 330i results, but expectations are obviously beyond the 225hp we got from the e46. I have looked up this dyno run from turner motorsport as well and their 216 hp also seems low in comparison. I guess we just do things differently in the Middle East. If any e46 owners is interested in our ECU flash please let me know as we provide a 500$ option of sending you over the ECU file. Will post our version of the conversion and the dyno run we achieve but already I can guarantee an edge over turner motorsport.
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