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When I did my brakes, I wire brushed with a dremel, the rust area on the hubs and wheel centers. I anti seized those areas plus the brake pad guides as they were built up with soot.
The wheels couldn't come off or go back on any more perfect. I highly advise this step.
I torqued my wheels yesterday after getting home, raised the wheels off the ground, loosened them and then snugged the bolts, then torqued them. NO ANTI SEIZE on lug bolts! I however to my surprise noticed a difference. The steering doesn't feel as if each wheel is fighting eachother. It seems to glide better now. I do believe I have a bad wheel up front, still a slight vibration at certain times.
Could be the cracks/dry rot between the treads, out of round, something is going on but the torque on the lugs made a hard to believe noticeable improvement.
Thanks for this post.