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Originally Posted by parrp View Post
I have used something similar but not on this scale and it covered a milk stain on carpet however the smell was quite strong. I would imagined you'll gas yourself if you do the whole boot!
I plan to to remove the carpet and wheel arch carpet and spray them outside so hopefully wont kill myself in thep rocess

Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
If you have a beige interior then you get beige boot carpet - but that's probably not what you're after

They probably avoid black fabrics as they show all marks and are very hard to keep clean.

Isn't the boot grey the same dark grey as your interior carpets? It is on mine - do you want to spray the interior ones too?
I have got saddle brown interior, black carpet and grey boot carpet

Originally Posted by #-JONAS-# View Post
I made a post similar to this a few weeks ago, but without luck, I have beige interior but grey boot interior and it's getting on my nerves because the carpets inside the car is black so I've got a tricolour.
Similar position to you and likewise really annoying me as I have boot trays that were grey but I have sprayed them gloss black and would like the carpet to match