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Originally Posted by QUiKSR20
Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Same here i'm really bad when it comes to fabricating! I'm not sure a carpeted square piece of MDF would look OEM. From reading Daryls links it seems that all we would need to do is rip the glued carpet off and glue some new OEM carpet all over the back seat. But like you im not sure how easy this would be, and if the seat would need removing

Great find. Had a read and i think there could be 2 options. Keep the hole and try and trim the edges of the square hole in the boot as best as you can with some plastic trim, sort of an "OEM" ski pass retrofit, as i don't think we can use the OEM trim. Or recarpet the whole back seat. I think for this we'd need the OEM carpet and some glue.

Im hoping to get my IB done in a week or 2, delivery has been delayed a little
I think if you removed the seat ripped the carpet off the back ( thats if it came off easily without ruining it )

You could cut the ski pass through with a dremel or something then modify the OEM back panel from a fold down seat car to click in that would
be golden you would just have to trim off the flat piece that wraps around the side of the stock seat since its one piece on our cars and round the edges.

Use new carpet and store your old OEM carpet to re-use down the road.

Inside the car just make hollow out the stock plate leaving a 2 inch ring all the way around and cover in grill clothe like this below.

It would only be visible if you opened the arm rest ( just brainstorming out-loud ), I couldn't believe the difference
in sound with the one side of the seat down in my friends 135 vs up at certain diff frequencies.
Considering all that work, you should see how I managed to fit my sub on rear speaker shelf (IB).
When and if I sell the car, OEM speaker shelf will go back and there will be minimum difference.

One thing I should emphasis, whatever you fit, make sure that the top of sub does not move at all. Otherwise you will be inviting rattles.

Few things to consider:
1- since sub fires in the cabin, therefore better sound and clean bass. Immediate gain in db.
2- bass is not going to be solid but a bit boomy since there will be nothing at the back of the sub to give it solid bass feeling.
However if you have that sky hole (mentioned above) and then fit a sub with the box, you will have solid deep bass.

I must also mention that I am very pleased with my IB installation on Sub and got excellent results.

(P.s: ignore type errors as I am on iphone)