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I'm looking for competent performance in the snow, with hopefully better dry/wet performance under 40F than my current tires, which are the worst I've ever had--ideal combination of rough ride, poor handling, rapid treadwear, and absolutely ZERO grip in the wet, especially when cold. They're at 12k now and might barely make 15k if I weren't trashing them now (was originally planning on keeping them through one winter, and getting snow tires next year, but I don't think I'd live that long if I kept them on). From what I'm reading, this is typical--they have a useful life of 8-10k, before which they perform pretty well, then they're utter crap until wearing out around 20k.

My past 8 winters in my E46 were on the Continental ExtremeContact (original first, then DWS), and the only trouble I had was after it was lowered, heavy snows (8" or more) that hadn't yet been plowed would actually lift the car off the ground in intersections, which was a bit scary (and obviously no tire can grip when it's not touching the ground). But other than that I was fine.

Wound up ordering the LM-60s from Costco. After their $100 off promotion ($70 on the tires, $30 on installation), should come to about $760 installed including mounting/balancing/road hazard and tax.

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