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A number of years ago I had an E36 328i Auto Coupe which I absolutely loved - fully loaded, burgundy metallic with contrasting cream leather - was a truly beautiful car - used to average around 28mpg. Then I had a nipper arrive, and it needed new brakes, tyres etc so decided to part ex on a more practical car.

Got a 56 plate Ford Mondeo 2.2 Tdci which was a fantastic car, reasonably quick, handled well, comfortable, smooth, very practical - fantastic fuel economy - averaged around 48pg - the only thing I hated about the car was the badge.

The car was so unreliable, and everything that went wrong with it was diesel related, and the problems I had were not Ford specific problems - the final straw was the DMF on it's way out so earlier this year I chopped it and went back to what I like.

So I now have E91 325i SE Auto, which is somewhere between the two previous in terms of practicality but is only giving me around 30-31mpg average (though I can get 36mpg on longer more steady runs). But the way I figure it is that the extra cost in maintenance, servicing, repairs etc that I had to pay for the diesel Mondeo goes a fair way towards making up the difference in fuel consumption so I may as well have a car I actually want.

I might regret saying this, but I don't think I would ever buy a diesel again.